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Win32 Shellcoding

5 minute read

Enviornment Setup See this post to setup your windows xp enviornment

SLAE32 Assignment 5.1 - Analyzing MSF exec

11 minute read

Overview For the 5th assignment of the SLAE Exam, I will be analyzing 3 different linux x86 shellcodes created with MSF Venom. The first will be the payloa...

SLAE32 Assignment 4 - Rotation Encoder

11 minute read

Overview For my fourth assignment in the SLAE32 course, I created a custom Rotation Encoder. How this works is to encode the payload, it rotates every bi...

SLAE32 Assignment 3 - Egghunter Shellcode

9 minute read

Overview For our third assignment in the SLAE32 course we were tasked with creating an egghunter. What is an Egg Hunter? An Egghunter is a piece of injec...